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RE:ACT is an Outpatient Treatment Centre (Recovery Education for Addiction and Complex Trauma) run by Finding Freedom.

97% of people in addiction experienced childhood trauma in their home, school or church. This is not simply physical or sexual trauma; it also includes any dynamics that cause the child not to feel safe or unconditionally loved. RE:ACT helps people understand how that trauma affected them– not just in becoming an addict, but in all aspects of their lives.

0% of people in recovery stay clean and sober if they do not develop healthy relationships and a healthy support network. RE:ACT helps people do that. Healing from addiction and trauma will take up to 2 years for most people, and that is what we hope to offer with a long term program, where people will receive teaching, counseling, learning life skills, job skills, relationship skills, building a healthy network, and transitioning gradually into life.

RE:ACT provides recovery education for addictions and complex trauma under the guidance of Finding Freedom.

Are you looking for a parenting program and need a healthy support system?

Are you required to complete an addictions program and need help with their complex trauma?

Did you grow up not learning any life skills, coping skills or relationships skills, which has resulted in an inability to be successful in relationships and jobs?

Have you completed short term programs but do not yet feel able to stay sober or be a parent because of underlying issues, and need more long term support/counselling as they transition back into life?

RE:ACT Centre does all of these things and more!


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30 days

4 1/2 days per week

“Introduction to Recovery and Understanding Complex Trauma” classes

Bi-weekly one-on-one counselling

Gender specific group therapy


60 days

Must complete Phase 1 or another treatment program prior to entry

4 1/2 days per week
“Understanding Addiction and Complex Trauma at a Deeper Level” classes

Weekly one-on-one counseling

Gender specific group therapy


Open-ended length of time

Individualized programming; different options for classes and workshops, adaptive to client’s needs

Morning, afternoon OR evening programs allow you to work or go to school and receive programming at the same time

Must complete Phase 2 or another treatment program prior to entry


Addiction and Complex trauma classes

Housing Search Assistance

Living in Community, learning how to live
a healthy life.


One-on-one counselling

Life Skills Workshops- developing skills and talents (i.e. art, music, cooking, parenting, etc.)

Spirituality workshops

Job skills training- an apprenticeship in the work field of their choice

Volunteer Opportunities

Mentor/ Re-parenting Program- learning what family life should be like, having someone who loves, accepts them and can teach them life


All three Phases

Coming from an alternate Treatment Program into Phase 2 and/or Phase 3







T A Poirier

“Wow where to start.

As I write the testimonial, I am half way through week 10 of the twelve week program at RE:ACT Surrey.

I cannot say enough on how much i have enjoyed and i am enjoying this program and what a difference it has made in my journey on dealing with my Complex Trauma. This program has shown me a way to look at my Complex Trauma from a different perspective. It has also shown me and taught me that i am actually a remarkably strong person. Despite the hard days and the tough subject matter, we as a group do share some laughs and lighter moments.

The coaches make sure that there are fun activities to do as well. Bowling, picnic at the lake, bocci ball, paddle board, even a couple hours at the PNE, to name a few.

Thank you RE:ACT.”


I came to Re:act knowing that I had experienced trauma in my life however I did not live with drug or alcohol addiction. I believe though, that anything that interferes with our relationships and responsibilities is a problem, and in the last few years I have realized that I have an addiction to food. Being that numbing with food is a socially acceptable way to slowly kill yourself, I wondered how I would fit in. I quickly found out it was not an issue.

I always thought I did not have much experience with grief but on the first day as we were learning about loss and grief, I sat there dumbfounded because I realized that I had been grieving loss for most of my life.

Re:act created a safe environment where I could sit in the uncomfortableness of myself. As I progressed through the program I found pieces of myself that I did not even know where missing.
I was uncomfortable with my emotions. I was ashamed of the intensity of them. I did what I could to avoid them and to numb them. Re;act taught me how to acknowledge my emotions, challenge my thoughts, and respond in healthy ways. I have learned to recognize triggers and with practice I am more able to respond to them in healthy ways. I learned to set healthy boundaries with myself and others and to give myself permission to do so without fear.

During Re:act I realized that an experience when I was 18 months old had not only hijacked my relationship with my parents, it had also hijacked my relationship with myself. Because of the Re:act Program and Team I learned to emotionally connect with myself and the little girl I was. I can now cry and grieve for that child that was me, and have compassion and forgiveness for the parents who did not know how to protect me from the traumatic experience in the hospital, help the traumatized baby who came home with them, or the troubled child and then adult I would become as additional trauma’s occurred. I can see now that I have lived most of my life believing that I was not worth protecting.

In the past when someone hurt me or let me down, I would feel powerless and would often respond in anger. Recently, when I was hurt and let down by someone close, I noticed that I was not anger. Devastated, heartbroken, but not angry. I realize now that in the past when hurt, I would receive it as a blow to my self worth. I now know my worth, that I matter and that I am worth protecting. I now can acknowledge my emotions, challenge the lies and shame, and respond in a healthy way.

Thank you Re:act Team



Taking the RE:ACT program has changed the course of my life. I wish this program had been available 40 years ago. Not only will my future relationships benefit from the knowledge and healing I’ve received, my current relationships are beginning and continuing to thrive.
The teachers and counselling staff are genuinely concerned for the wellbeing of their clients. It is a SAFE place to be. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to take this program and continue to follow into Phase 3, and volunteer to help wherever I can.

“The Re:act program provided tools to help me create my own path to health, with an eye on the long game.”

“Re:act has made me a better me and will help me become a better husband, a better son and a better parent.”

“There were some good days, some silliness and some very difficult days for all of us in the program. Those emotions for me, swung to the extremes the more I got to know each of my classmates.”

“I am so grateful that the Re:act program was made available to me.”


“In treatment we touched on some of the material they teach at
Re:Act,however I felt like I was missing something. Re:Act gave me the
missing piece to my recovery. I was missing my self-worth, confidence,
and the loving myself piece, which I believe are imperative to keeping
and staying clean. In Re;Act I encountered parts of myself that I never
knew were there, it taught me to trust myself. Re:Act is so rewarding
and powerful! I will forever be grateful to the program and the
instructors. And even though I have graduated, I am welcome back for
continued coaching and classes! Keep on keeping on!”



*Phase 3 is dependent on Volunteers.

Contact us for more details.

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